Nutrition For Endurance Athletes Is Critical To Your Success

Correct sports nutrition is critical for endurance athletes today because the fierce competition requires you to have strength, stamina and energy.  This basic line of attack is needed if one wants to perform at their best.  On the contrary eating foods with poor nourishment will lead to the individual falling behind, plain and simple.   Let’s not forget that along with eating the correct foods, one must eat the correct portion amount.  This combination will greatly assist in building lean muscles which will in turn assist with creating overall stamina, energy and quickness.

Anytime you are training for some type of endurance event you should consider the following guidelines:

  1. Eat 5-6 meals throughout the day.  The first meal is always the most important so make sure you have a good breakfast.
  2. You should also hydrate as much as possible as well. People always under look this basic bodily need.
  3. Eat the correct ratio of macro-nutrients.  This translates into a diet rich in carbohydrates, moderate amount of protein and foods low in fat.
  4. Calcium and potassium should also be consumed in large quantities.

Eating large amounts of carbohydrates will allow individuals who are performing long distance events (60 minutes or more) will compete better than others.  The reason a high amount of carbohydrates are needed is because they provide the energy needed to sustain activities that are long in duration. This is due to the muscle fatigue that typically accompanies the activity.  For an athlete to know how much carbohydrates he should consume everyday, they can multiply their weight by 3.2 in pounds or 7 in kilograms. The individual should try to consume approximately 15 servings of grain products, 6 servings of vegetables and 6 servings of fruits on a daily basis.  To calculate the amount of protein that your body needs, multiply your weight by 0.6 pounds (by 1.3 for kilograms) to determine the grams of protein needed daily. Foods that are high in protein are poultry, fish, tofu, nuts, lean meat, dairy products and eggs.  It is also very necessary to remember that consuming protein more than the amount needed will not be good too. It will be stored as fats if it is taken too much.  Moderation is the key when it comes to fats.

Endurance sports nutrition can clearly make you a better athlete, especially if you compete in sports like: running, triathlon’s, swimming, cycling, and rowing.  Competition in any sport is in many ways a puzzle with each person trying to find the pieces that all fit together just right so they can perform at their maximum ability.   The bottom line is you need the nutrition advice that provides valuable information that is not only simple follow every day, but that also gives you the flexible to to know what foods to eat before, during and after your workout or competition.  If you have a good basic outline then the rest of it is easy as you’ll have to confidence to enter your workout or competition because you’ll know in the back of your mind that you have that competitive advantage over everyone else.

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